Tree Spraying

Tree Company Serving Park City – Specializing in Tree Spraying for Insects and Diseases

Helping Your Tree Flourish

Park City Tree offers tree spraying services to residential and commercial businesses in and around Park City. Tree spraying is usually offered with our tree health management programs. Our goal is to control diseases and prevent tree insects from damaging your trees. Trees need love and care to flourish. An ISA Certified Arborist works to keep your trees healthy by offering specialized services, such as tree spraying.

What is Tree Spraying?

Tree spraying is used to keep insects from damaging your tree. It is also used to prevent diseases. Once your tree has become diseased or infested with insects, it takes time, care, and attention to bring the tree back to its healthy state. Tree spraying fends off insects and keeps your trees healthy and looking great. Park City Tree specializes in disease and insect removal. Some insects, such as borers. are known to cause devastating damages to Park City trees.

A flourishing tree, made better with tree spraying.
A budding tree, one of the most vulnerable to insects.

Why is Tree Spraying Important?

Leaving your trees to fend for themselves can be deadly. Your trees can’t withstand insects and diseases. Over time, even the healthiest tree will become sick without the help of a certified arborist. Park City Tree knows the importance of proper tree spraying and management programs. We provide several programs to our Park City residents and business owners. Tree spraying not only protects your trees, but it also allows them to grow and stay healthy. Unhealthy trees can be dangerous to you and your property. Insect infested or diseased trees often lose limbs and can easily become uprooted in a windstorm. Protect yourself by hiring an arborist to ensure your trees remain beautiful and healthy!


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