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Park City Tree is happy to be Park City’s number one arborist company. Our team works hard to keep your trees happy and healthy, all while providing excellent tree services at a fair price. If you need tree services, it is important that you choose an arborist and not just your run of the mill landscaping company. Arborists are certified in all areas of tree services and offer an array of programs to ensure your trees stay healthy for years to come.

Feeding and Soil Amendments

Unless your tree is having specific problems, this is where tree healthcare starts. Having a healthy, properly fed, and watered tree minimizes many problems. Like all things in nature, it’s the weak that are more frequently attacked, so our focus is to strengthen the trees, and only spray them when it’s necessary.

Small tree growing in rich, healthy soil.
A red weevil, one of the many pests that can harm trees.

Insect Management Programs

Unfortunately, there are some insects that can kill a tree no matter how healthy it is. Borers are a good example. The Spruce borer is able to attack and kill 100 year old Spruce trees in a matter of weeks. So for some Insect problems we offer scheduled spray programs to make sure that your trees are protected before it’s too late.

Disease Management Programs

Sometime we get just the right climate (wet springs for example) for Fungal and Bacterial Pathogens to explode in certain species of trees. When they do, they can do great harm to your trees. Regularly scheduled treatments can mean the difference between healthy long lived trees, and struggling trees in constant decline

A diseased tree that can cause danger and diminish land quality.
Top view of a tree trunk, where injections can improve tree health.

Trunk Injections

Sometimes an injection directly into the trunk is the best solution due to the severity of a problem. We offer the latest technology and methods, when it is determined that this is the most effective method.

Growth Regulators

Often when trees are planted, not much consideration is given to the locations’ ability to support the tree 5, or even 10 years down the road. We can inject “Growth Regulators” onto the root system to halt “woody” growth for the next 3 years and instead promote “leafy” growth. Giving you a tree that will not outgrow it’s current location.

A large tree that may need growth regulation.
A brown deer, prone to damaging tree health

Herbivore Control

Many trees are often eaten by Voles, Deer, Moose, Elk, or Porcupine. Each of these Herbivores has it’s own way of threatening a tree or shrub’s health and vigor. We can control these problems in almost any situation by using liquid repellants that are guaranteed to work, or excluding the animals with fence or hardware cloth.

Tree Hazard Evaluation

Do you have a tree that you may not feel safe about anymore? We can do a Hazard Evaluation on it and let you know exactly where it stands.

A dead tree, which can cause hazards to people and property.


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