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Why Hire an ISA Arborist?

Many times a “Tree” service is just an extension of some other Landscape Service, added on to increase the companies revenue. The problem with this type of service is you rarely get a person that has an extensive knowledge about the trees they are caring for.

At Park City Tree you get a Certified Arborist every time. We take the time to ourselves and get certified because we know it gives us the latest research in diagnostics and care.

Proper recommendations can add years to a trees life, and value to your property!

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What Makes a Happy Tree

Happy tree is a healthy tree. Find out what it takes to keep your trees healthy.

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Insect and Disease Problems

Critters and bugs that make your trees miserable. Find out what they are.

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Soil Balancing

Your tree is what your tree eats. Find out about good and healthy nutrition for your trees.

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Our Services

Here is how we can help.

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